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SIA Content Key Benefits

World Class Editorial Possibilities

SIA – The Ultimate Content Marketing Platform

SIA is a content marketing platform that hosts over 20,000 original, professionally crafted health and fitness articles complete with infographics and images. This unique system allows you to effortlessly choose content to match your online marketing strategy and gives your customers a value-added experience designed to promote increased engagement. The wellness sector is founded on delivering valuable information to readers that they can use to better their lives and the most organic way to communicate this to them is through valued content marketing that comes direct from your brand. SIA is designed specifically to help you achieve this and more.

SIA Does The Work For You

  • Power and upscale any wellness or fitness e-commerce business

  • Instantly monetise content concerning your product and brand

  • Use it to construct a ubiquitous online presence for your business

  • Create engaging narratives that will radically enhance your market share

  • Partner SIA content with an online marketplace to amplify your presence

  • Make your message highly adaptable to changing commercial conditions

  • Become a supply chain to an on-demand wellness and fitness interests

The SIA Content Model

The SIA content model is simple, intuitive and adaptable at improving your brand’s editorial footprint. It’s designed to organically optimise SEO and create lasting relationships with readers because it is founded on the principles of service journalism that constantly seek to add value to the end user’s lives. To achieve this, the system operates under the following divisions.

Document – Epic long form content to support brand values

SIA contains 1,000 epic long form content articles which range from 1,000 to 5,000 words. These can be used to create in-depth narratives that can be distributed across the web, in e-books or used to create magazine articles.

Create – Develop contextual short form content

SIA contains thousands of medium and short form articles suitable for creating engaging blog posts about your brand’s benefits so you can create a story that resonates with them. These are supported by a wealth of illustrations, images and infographics you can use to augment the articles into blog posts, social media assets or include in public relations campaigns.

Amplify – Syndicate across all social platforms

SIA is rich in punchy, short form articles suitable for syndication on social media platforms that can be used in conjunction with other content as teaser links within the social posts. If you want to dominate the likes of TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Linked-In, you’ll have every asset you need to create unprecedented engagement.

SIA Content Marketing

Evergreen Content

SIA is made up entirely of evergreen content that will always be relevant to your target audience. Wellness never gets old and you’ll be furnished with content that remains relevant, regardless of the changing news cycles, trends or seasons. This will usually be in the form of “how to” or “the ultimate guide” type blogs or e-books, but it can also be applied to video format. Evergreen content never loses its value because it allows you to authoritatively leverage your expertise and relevance to your audience. The content remains active and can be updated and added to as time goes on. The essential advantage is that once the initial creation work is done, it becomes an asset that continues to yield value in the form of increased traffic and an elevated brand reputation. 

Big Rock Content

Big Rock content is a definitive piece of authoritative material around a topic that can be sectioned out into smaller pieces readers can engage with. Like evergreen content, this can be time consuming and costly to create in the beginning but saves time and pays dividends in the long term because it can be re-purposed again and again. SIA contains 1000 Big Rock articles that are made up of over 1000 words each. This offers your brand an extremely powerful stage from which you can create a highly authoritative website, or an ecommerce platform to combine trust-based content with products or services.

Evergreen Content Can Drive

  • Authoritative standing for your brand

  • In depth case studies of success

  • A home for your original research

  • Lasting how-to guides for all experience levels

  • Playbooks to customers for choosing the right product

  • Awareness about common mistakes in a niche

  • Case study analysis for successes or failures

  • An asset for long term goal achievement

Big Rock Content Can Drive

  • Brand buzz and awareness

  • Marketing leads

  • Sales leads

  • Operational efficiencies for content marketing teams

  • Increased social shares

  • Organic SEO

  • Increased authority

  • Improved traffic

Big Rock in Action

Big rock content is so epic your audience simply can’t ignore it and with a fitness piece at the centre of your content marketing strategy, you can build a whole ecosystem of relatable content for your audience.

  • Blog posts
  • Illustrations
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Collections

SIA Assets In Numbers

Fitness Keyword Tags

Top SIA Keywords In Numbers (Articles)

Muscle Building
Training tips
Expert Advice
Product Reviews + Equipment
Weight Loss
Sports Performance
Diet and Weight Advice

How SIA Works

The simplest way to use SIA is to choose a keyword that relates to the message you want to develop content around. Demonstrated here is a search breakdown using a single top-level keyword:  workouts. What you see is the filtering down to all the sub-sets of related keywords. The system works similarly to any intelligent keyword system such as the Google’s keyword tool, however the differentiator is at the end of the keywords are thousands of professionally crafted original fitness and wellness related articles that can power your brand message. 

What’s Inside SIA

SIA comes packed with a bespoke intuitive Content Management System built using cloud-based software and hosting. The software can be accessed by anyone from anywhere via a web browser. It is also completely configurable with unlimited hosting which means you’ll have access to as little, or as much space as you need for your assets, making it comprehensibly scalable. At its heart, it has been designed to give you a quick way to find content through intelligent tagging and search abilities by word count.

SIA boasts a secure way to invite users and teams to access the system via their own unique passwords where they’ll have options on over 20,000 instantly accessible assets. The intelligent search functions on keyword, gender, type and word count provides the ultimate fitness and wellness content marketing platform that will power your brand to unparalleled success.


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SIA Comes Packaged With:

  • Cloud Based Full Scale Content Management System

  • 20,000+ Professionally Created Evergreen Fitness Content Assets

  • Intuitive Menu For Use By Content or Marketing Teams

  • Flexibility and Scalability

  • Assets Combine to Tell Stories

  • Content Immediately Ready to Monetise or Power any
    Fitness Ecommerce Platform

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