Fighters Only, an exclusive club which everyone wants to join

Background and History

Fighters Only is one of the most iconic brands within the sport of mixed martial arts. Over the last 16 years Fighters Only has built its global status via its innovation and commitment to grow the sport of MMA.

Fighters Only went on to publish language-specific editions in Germany, South Africa and Mexico as well as wholly owned issues in the US and the UK (the latter being exported to 31 other countries). It formed partnerships with other iconic MMA brands such as TapOut to form a co-branded clothing range and in 2008 launched the Fighters Only World MMA Awards which has become the industry’s award show.

Fighters Only is now the only MMA magazine in existence and its prestige and authority still resonate amongst fighters and industry professionals alike.

Social and Digital

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Fighters Only has a positive social media following of 1 million+ connected followers across all channels, the figure dominated by Facebook followers. It also has positive email databases and subscriptions to the digital version of the magazine.